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Wow!!! Well done!!! Really impressive work!

Someday I wish I can do something like it. The distortion is also really nice sounding!
Very interesting and impressive!

..... I did use the exact same circuit as the pedal pictured, to the smallest of details, as the distortion pedal you hear in the video.....

Great sounding distortion.

If you don't mind sharing the distortion circuit I'd happy to know what it is?

Building your own stompbox / Re: Talk box
« Last post by marcos_s_p on Today at 11:15:42 AM »
Thanks for the replies!

PRR, great information there. That was exactly what I was wondering. So the fact that in this system I have 2 speakers just make everything harder. Because to reduce the space or I would have to make two separate casings for the speakers and inter-connect them in the hose path with a Y shaped adaptor or I would have to put them flat in one casing, but in this case the hole would be in the center of the casing that would end up being in between the speakers. In that last option it looks to me that I'll loose quality, no?

Maybe it will be easier to arrange a 8Ohm compression driver and wire it up in the small amp (getting rid of the speakers), no? The problem there is that it starts becoming a bit expensive....

Building your own stompbox / Re: through hole components pad and hole sizes
« Last post by POTL on Today at 10:47:26 AM »
what size should i do pads?
Building your own stompbox / Re: Boss CE-1 Op Amp Sub
« Last post by nickbungus on Today at 10:19:45 AM »
I've created a PDF datasheet for the TA7136AP opamp from the tiff files from the link from njkmonty.
Building your own stompbox / Re: Ramp pulse Op amp swap
« Last post by anotherjim on Today at 10:12:19 AM »
Depends on how much time the integrator amp spends >2v, it works until Q2 base-emitter junction fries?
SW2 is an on-off-on?
Building your own stompbox / Re: Boss CE-1 Op Amp Sub
« Last post by nickbungus on Today at 10:11:15 AM »
Although I've never played through a CE-1, for me the charm is the little bit of grit it brings.  I've built the tonepad CE-2 and love it but I think theres something special about the CE-1.  Its not true bypass and affects the tone quite a bit even with the effect off.  One clip I saw had a guy comparing the tone using an effects loop, with the pedal off but in the loop compared with it out of the loop.  I'll try and find that clip but in the meantime, heres a clip of the CE-1 vs CE-2.

Building your own stompbox / Re: Boss CE-1 Op Amp Sub
« Last post by alfafalfa on Today at 09:25:18 AM »
Could you post a clip , I'm very curious how it sounds.
Building your own stompbox / Re: Breaking the rut with ring mod
« Last post by allesz on Today at 08:58:53 AM »
It can be a nice idea. But the problem is wich carrier generator to use.
Reading around it seems that an atari punk console has a too strong output.
Maybe a 555 toy organ would be good.

I wonder if a single bjt oscillator would work.
Building your own stompbox / Re: hi octane wire gauge
« Last post by mac on Today at 08:10:14 AM »
You mean rotate it by 90 degree?

Unscrew the PS and rotate it in space, 4*Pi, not just Pi/4 :)
The PS field can interact with other components of your amp, tubes, wires, etc.

For example, less than a block away from my apartment there two TV stations and a street transformer. The single coil of my guitar is useless, unless it's in the N-S direction, and play it like a lap steel guitar :)

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