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Building your own stompbox / Re: Enveloped phase?
« Last post by digi2t on Today at 12:43:32 PM »
I have a Strymon Ola, and the enveloped chorus is cool. The Son of Stormtide has enveloped flange setting, so why not enveloped phase? :icon_wink:
...I have no idea what these things are officially called...

They are called Instrument Handles, and if you search on that at, you will find that Keystone offers many sizes. The problem is that they are very expensive. As you point out, what the home-furnishings biz calls Drawer Pulls are a much better buy for larger sizes.

If anyone can recommend an import source for 2" and 2 1/2" widths, I'll gladly stock them.

Steve, I think you would have a hard time competing with the big box hardware stores for the smaller size handles. They're regular stock in the cupboard handle aisle, and about the same price as well. Available in brushed or polished too.
Building your own stompbox / Re: Ordered TL072 instead of TL022
« Last post by xorophone on Today at 12:34:17 PM »
I just did some audio probing and I'm hearing the signal all the way to pin 3 on the mn3007. All other pins are quiet. I also fixed a suspicious looking solder joint and checked some continuity. Everything looks right to me. Can someone please take a look at the voltage measurements and tell me if they look good? Is there something else I should check before I conclude that the chips are fake?
Building your own stompbox / Re: Transistor Substitution ??
« Last post by Plexi on Today at 12:23:59 PM »
I thought Keen's Second Law was with 2N3904
Who can explain what conditions we need to simulate RG Keen jig or FuzzFace transistors using DCA75?
Ib=4uA, Vce=4.5?
As I've wrote DCA55 and Chinese testers gives measurements similar to Small Bear testing jig, do we really have any "issues" with RG Keen schema?

There might a problem yes, specially in the Leakage measurements.Something is not right.

As for HFE, I have to look at the curve tracing feature in the DC75 so check if the spot where base current match also matches roughly both HFE measurments.

The RG Keen measures at aproximately 4uA base current, assuming some conditions are met

from the website:

"The exact base current is 4.046...uA, assuming that the transistor's base conducts that much with a forward voltage of 0.1V (reasonable with germanium at these currents) and that the battery is *exactly* 9.0000V, and that the resistors are 2.20000M, and...   well, you get the picture. 0.5% accuracy is doggone fine for work with such blunt tools, and much better than you actually need to make a fine sounding FF."
Building your own stompbox / Re: switching options help
« Last post by blackieNYC on Today at 12:15:20 PM »
A new question.
So in the above switches, I need a solution for only the momentary DPDT.  The momentary switch will be used while the guitar is being played so I'm looking for the most silent switching (both in and out)that I can get.  The other 2 switches are more of an in-between-songs thing.
Boss Fet switching would be the quietest.  My problem there is that the momentary DPDT has (this, or that)audio going thru it all the time.  I do not want Fets there all the time, when I am not actively using the momentary with my foot.
Relays - I have some relay boards with the PIC programmed chip, available from AMZ and the used to be at small bear.  They are great, but the audio path goes thru just the relays with no attempt at quieting the audio switching noise.
If the caps and biasing resistors from the fet switching circuit are used in a regular old switch circuit, will it help quiet the audio switch noise?
Thanks a lot! I had searched the DIYSB forums for them before, but not knowing what they were called, I couldn't find anything relevant.
Building your own stompbox / Re: building a "Buffer Sampler"
« Last post by bool on Today at 12:04:43 PM »
I'm not sure about the merit of a-b-c-d-e ... type switching for comparing different cckts.

If you're going for a "king of the hill" elimination / incremental improvement type of comparison, a simple A-B switching will work best and be simplest. (previous best, vs. current DUT).

Also, as teemuk said, you can pre-filter the PSU for each circuit.

But, if you want a real-world test - if you plan to use batteries - that's what you need to test with. Some circuits sound and "feel" different with a battery vs. a PSU.
Building your own stompbox / Re: switch debounce question
« Last post by blackieNYC on Today at 11:56:30 AM »
Here's another IC that may prove useful. A quad of SPST with onboard 5V regulator and latches. It would take a bit of experimenting as the app notes are minimal. Comes in DIP too

I don't think so - there 's only one control line and the switches appear to be all NC.  Some ICs come in this NC version, an NO version, and a 2NC 2NO version, which would be our bypass switch.
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