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Re: Iron Butterfly fuzz wah.
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Maybe old news, but I believe the "tone" control is, just like the fuzz rite, not a tone control but a panner between the two transistors. In this case a different filter is added to each. No? 
On the fuzz rite, it really just sweeps between two very different distortions, nothing filter-y about it. Tried reducing the size of the panner to reduce the attenuation in the middle, but it just took away some diversity from the fuzz. Like the man said, output stage.
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Re: Iron Butterfly fuzz wah.
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Finally ran across the video this evening. The sound of the fuzz with the reverb really reminded me of this band:

OK, I finally got a video done. Fuzz alone first, and then fuzz wah together.

Doesn't sound half bad. Got that old school fuzz feel to it. I think it's almost worth sticking into a wah shell... if I had one to spare. :icon_rolleyes:

OK, where's the data?

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