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Midi pedal plans/help arduino
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:35:01 PM »
Hey gang. Hoping to finally build a midi pedal. I'm looking to have something that will do preset switching and also be able to turn fx on and off like distortion reverb etc.

The preset changes would be PC right? Hopefully routing that inside some apps to change multiple presets at once.

Also would like to be able to have some buttons to do looper controls like play rewind record stop etc.

A few questions. Building on arduino I have seen people use the uno or Leonardo or the teensy. Curious which will give me easiest programming and flexibility.

I would like to be able to reprogram pc buttons or cc buttons if need be and display items on LCD screens. If possible.

Any thoughts or support in helping me brainstorm and plan this project would be great. If you think I should just go look at another thread point me that way and I'll be grateful too.

Thanks forum!

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Re: Midi pedal plans/help arduino
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2017, 06:01:06 PM »
Arduino of any flavour is going to be a good start because there are existing libraries for the MIDI comms you need, and LCDs too if you go that way.

The worst part is going to be working out what the interface should look like and how it should react. If you've got an LCD, that becomes about 100x more complicated, and there's x100 more ways to make it painful to use. Editing text on an interface with a few foot switches? (No thanks!) Think very carefully about what you want to press, what you want to happen, what happens next, what happens if you don't press anything, etc etc. You need all of that absolutely solid before you think about coding anything. Diagram it on paper, stick post-it notes on the wall, whatever works for you, but make sure you're really clear about what you're trying to do.

Technically, sending MIDI messages is really easy. You don't even need the opto-isolator hardware you need for MIDI reception. In fact, with a 5V processor with a UART, a 220R is all you need - dead simple. So the hardware's a cinch.



Re: Midi pedal plans/help arduino
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2017, 01:39:34 PM »
Have done that same thing using a Teensy, OLED, and a Rotary Encoder.  The Teensy was used because of the fast speed and the super easy USB Midi setup, as well as simultaneously using serial Midi and the Push Buttons.   The Rotary encoder/Switch allowed for a menu with the ability to change the CC/PC channels and the numbers that it responded to:  Default 81 -89.   I used a 16 port I2C I/O chip to make it easy to wire the 8 PB and 8 Relay Outputs.   I added a bunch of neat stuff with the rotary that you could completely set it up without a computer.....all done with a spin of the dial.

All items are available on Amazon.  With the Teensy, OLED, Encoder, I/O chip...I have under $30 in parts for the electronics.  See a picture of the pre-test unit....Setup to respond to CC channel 16, PC channel 1.....currently on Preset 112.....that has 4 outputs on that are programmed.  I have a program button separate, so you can set the outputs and store them on the current presets.

Once you get started and get the right components.....all the libraries for the Teensy are available for download....even using the rotary encoder menu.   I did a lot of extra fancy scrolling with the menus, but it was all relatively easy to get working.

Let me know if you have any questions.