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johnny ramone guitar tone!!
« on: January 30, 2004, 07:05:05 AM »
hey guys,
i know this probably sounds really lame - but i was listenening to some ramones songs notably 'beat on the brat' and 'blitzkreig bop', and i realized how cool that guitar sound is. it's probably not very useable for most styles but i thought it'd be a bit of fun.
so i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on pedals or amp settings and what not to get that vintage ramones sound...
oh well, thanks for any input.

p.s. im not much of a ramones fan.. they're just fun to listen to every now and then.


johnny ramone guitar tone!!
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2004, 07:53:14 AM »
Check out Guitar Geek. They have the setups of loads of guitarists .




johnny ramone guitar tone!!
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I believe Johnny's just always been guitar (mosrite, some sort of replaceplament pickup I believe - basically, hot humbucker pickup) into Marshall stack.  Set to "Loud".  

So basically, overdrive yr amp head.  When I saw the Ramones, Johnny was playing through two Marshall stacks.  None of us probably need that for practice, or even with our band though, so get a smaller tube amp head (or build one!) and just push it!  Use a booster in front to help smack it around.  We all know the drill by now.  As far as perfecting that tone, I feel like he uses the neck pickup for some reason, but I could be wrong.  I know only one pickup in his guitar supposedly worked.
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I used to 'chase' the Ramones Tones...
  Tried Stacks of that time 35w celestions x4 and four Sun speakers [whatever Herald er...]
  I've never actually seen a Marshall stack do all that...
  I was told long ago "Marshall Stack does that"...I've never seen one that distorts like that without something pushing it...
  100w Plexi Re-issue, 50w MkII [what I now use for shows], etc. I always got closer to the 'Cranked Stack" legend by useing a Fuzz Box!!!
  NOt to say anything except 'I' never got 'it'...really...
  The Ramones tones'a are a great IMO thing to go after...I love that kind of 'happy' distortion...from films of the Ramones it just looks like wankin' on those Rythm guitars is a little too much funn.
  No lead guitar on the first album...the first Ramones lead guitar is on 'Sedated" and has a whopping total of  ONE Note !!!...Great song Grreat Lead break...proving you really only need ONE note for a great lead solo!!!
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johnny ramone guitar tone!!
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a little bit of looking in one of my books - I confirmed -  his Mosrite had an SD mini humbucker in the neck position that wasn't hooked up, and a DiMarzio Fatstrat in the bridge position.  The tone controls weren't hooked up either.  

I do remember when I saw them, his tone wasn't quite as beefy distorted as the records, so I'm sure that there was some studio work on his guitar tone.  

Actually, I dug out the first LP, and you know, the first record, the tone isn't really that raw - I could totally see that being an overdriven marshall.  The later stuff - I dunno - there's definetly some amp changes and stuff going on.  (Like that Phil Spector album with four hundred guitar layers.)
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