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DR BOOGEY low gain
« on: May 11, 2009, 11:23:49 AM »

Iv built Dr boogey,we all know that pedal ;D
This is my 3th build,but this one shorted my live

I build Gaussmarkov version,all parts like in the schematic,new parts,but I cant get much Gain
other 2 pedals were made from Bucksear layout,and were quieter,and Gain over the top,
Iv built much more difficult projects,even my first tube distortion preamp was easier,

   Gaussmarkov version has miler caps,and more filtered supply,but there is more noise,lower gain...
All J201 are biased with trimers,but no improvements,I measured the trimers and put fixed resistors,
but same thing,something is wrong,but what ???

any suggestions?

I replaced some transistors,still same

Any differences between  Gaussmarkov and Bucksear version ?

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Re: DR BOOGEY low gain
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2009, 01:09:24 PM »
All J201 are biased with trimers
  And are close in pin voltages compared to the other two ?
any suggestions?
  You have another to compare to.
  Sounds like a problem to me, or some signal path miswire or a ground or...
  Start with Q1, audio probe it, compare the amplitute / tone of the input to that of the other, working Dr.'s Boogie.
  Then compare the output of Q1 with same comparison...if it's about the same, move to Q2.
  or take notes as you go through, looking for amplitude gain from gain stages and unity gain from buffers...then compare with readings from the comparison/reference circuit.
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