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« on: January 31, 2006, 07:27:40 PM »
Recently I came across with Joe Davisson's SHOCKTAVE. An octave down generating pedal.
I was amazed how design that simple will generate an octave down effect that sounds cool.
Has anyone in here forum made one? Has anyone any experiences with it?
When I was reading the schematic, one thing popped straight in to my mind.
Could it be possible to take off the voltage to frequency converter part of the schematic
and combine it after whatever dist. pedal/booster/or any other gainstage? Looks pretty easy to me.

I see no problem for swapping it for example in a big muff after 3 transistor stages and
putting it in place of the tone control section and replace muff tone pot with shocktave's mix pot.
Ok, maybe have to tweak some cap values, but so what...
Is there something in a electronic way that I should note?
For example a possible impedance mismatch?
Not so familiar with impedances...
Help me?

Paul Marossy

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I built it and I know that RDV did as well. I like it. I haven't tried tweaking the circuit at all, though.

The Tone God

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