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Leslie-like sounds via Flanger/Chorus to Tremolo


I like Leslie sounds.  I have had a HK rotosphere, a Songworks rotating cab, a univibe, and currently have a Line 6 rotomachine.  The HK rotosphere is convincing and useful but a little noisy if the guitar volume was way down, while the songworks cab was a little too subtle, and too low volume for me.   I like the univibe, but it is a different thing from a Leslie.  The Line 6 rotomachine has that Leslie throb plus the high end warble.  Last night I played somewhere, and playing simple arpeggios on the rotomachine sounded very nice, and got people's attention.

Today I read a post on the gear page recommending using a flanger or chorus into a tremolo to make a Leslie sound, possibly with some high-end roll-off, into an overdriven amp.  This works surprisingly well.  Just tweak both pedals to have similar but different rates, and adjust the depth on both to taste.   

Note the HK rotosphere pedal, which captures this effect to some degree, is apparently two choruses with overdrive.  So, if those two choruses are filtered low pass and high pass, as seems to make sense, the flanger or chorus into tremolo is kind of a low-rent version of the rotosphere.  A low pass chorus would be pretty similar to a tremolo to first approximation.

Has anyone tried this or something similar?  It would be straightforward to make this into one pedal, with the two effects series connected, or possibly in parallel I suppose, maybe add a Lera speed control, and a stereo output via in and out of phase.

Yep, I use my EH Small Stone and Pulsar (both store bought) to get a Leslie-ish effect.  It's plenty close for me.
It would be nice to have a blinking indicator on the Small Stone for syncing-up ease.


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