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Boss CH1 Super Chorus, Vibrato mod? Is there one?

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Guy's, I have a Boss CH1 I'd like to add a switch for vibrato only mode.  Does anyone know how to do this. 

Forgive me, I'm not a DIY expert so be kind... :icon_biggrin:

Please post pics, suggestions, warnings et al.  Thanks


I just got a CH-1 yesterday that I was considering putting these mods into.

Mark Hammer:
Keep in mind that about 97% of commercial chorus pedals do their "bypassing" by simply using a single FET to cancel the delay signal, leaving only the clean unaltered signal.  Vibrato, on the other hand, is produced by cancelling the clean signal and leaving only the delayed signal.  What this means is that if you install a toggle to lift/cancel the dry sigal in order to produce vibrato, when you step on the pedal to completely bypass the effect, you won't have ANY signal unless you also flip the toggle to restore the clean.  :icon_eek: This may not be what you're looking for.

It IS possible to have an automatic flip-over, using an extra FET and a few additional parts, but the level of knowledge required to do that sort of a mod is a little more extensive than what is required to simply find a particular resistor, unsolder one end, and run a pair of wires from there to a toggle.  Not impossible, mind you, but if you are asking how to do a basic vibrato mod here, that would suggest that you're on Chapter 2.  Doing a vibrato flip-over, using FET switching, is more like Chapter 4 or 5.

So, if you can bear to have the pedal be NOT gig-ready, then by all means go ahead, and use it in the best of health.  If you need it to go from vibrato to bypass for gigging purposes, you may want to reconsider for the moment.

Thanks Mark for the quality info.  You're exactly right, I'm still reading Chapter 2.... :icon_biggrin:

The purpose would be to maintain the pedal in gigable condition, since that's mainly what I do.  It's just that after a few other mods I've done to the CH1 it's a pretty good pedal now; so I wanted to see if I could get a vibrato effect from it. 

I've also thought about purchasing the Analog Chorus kit from BYOC and putting the Vibrato switch in. That pedal in Chorus mode my even be a better sound anyway.  What do you guy's think? 

Mark Hammer:
If it's a pedal with true bypass, then whatever you do to get vibrato will have no effect on the bypass sigal.  The problem I described earlier only occurs when you use FET switching in a particular way.

I don't want to embark on, or initiate, a whole discussion on the relative merits of attempting to convert a FET-switched pedal to true bypass.  I'll simply say that:
a) if you have some extra money that you don't mind dropping,
b) if you are up for the learning experience of building a complete pedal from scratch,

...then what you suggest is a fine solution to your needs.  Besides, if chorus PLUS vibrato has been good enough for Adrian Belew, then it ought to be good enough for you too, right? :icon_wink:


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