Author Topic: Search-fu too weak... Pls help w/ GRISTLEIZER build  (Read 620 times)

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Colonel Angus

Search-fu too weak... Pls help w/ GRISTLEIZER build
« on: May 05, 2012, 10:31:36 AM »
Hello. Having some issues with Gristleizer build #2, everything went super smooth (except wiring the rotary switch wrong, which was easy to fix) until I boxed it up and did the offboard.

At first there was no oscillation but audio with grit and amplification. I realized "doh", forgot to put something non-conductive between the PCB and chassis. I un-stuffed the box and 'voila', oscillation is back... except Triangle wave. Ramp-up, Ramp-down and Square work but no Triangle. I switched op-amps and trannies just in case something got fried when the board shorted out against the case, no dice.

Other weirdness:
All working waves - the Depth knob doesn't go to 100% any more, 0% is no effect at all
No Triangle-Triangle wave : Depth knob is now a manual sweep knob, sounds like manual mode on a Bad Stone Phase

Sorry about the lack of tech specs, I'm at work this morning and it was simply too late and sweaty hot (and too much Navy Rum) to do any serious debug. I seem to recall someone having the same problem, but I've spent two hours searching and reading with little result.

Regardless, thanks for listening to my tale of woe. Maybe you can help  :'( :'(
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