Author Topic: Anyhelp debugging GGG Tycobrahe Octavia pedal w Oct/Dist foot switch mod?  (Read 1106 times)

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Here is the checklist to fill out:
1.What does it do, not do, and sound like? It seems to work fine with the octave effect switched on, but when just using the distortion without the octave effect the output volume is very low, hardly audible unless you turn the gain all the way up

2.Name of the circuit = Tycobrahe Octavia Updated, Modernized Schematic w Oct/Dist foot switch

3.Source of the circuit (URL of schematic or project) =

4.Any modifications to the circuit? Modernized Schematic w Oct/Dist foot switch

5.Any parts substitutions? No

6.Positive ground to negative ground conversion? No

7.Turn your meter on, set it to the 10V or 20V scale. Remove the battery from the battery clip. Probe the battery terminals with the meter leads before putting it in the clip. What is the out of circuit battery voltage? =>9.25V

Voltage at the circuit board end of the red battery lead =9.1V
Voltage at the circuit board end of the black battery lead =-.1

Report the voltages as follows:

C =2.87
B =3.52
E =4.17



Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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