The first book that made me understand simple circuits

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I had all sorts of articles and books as well as electronics projects I had tried, but this simple Anderton book was the first one I really understood. For some reason I was able to understand what was in this book. I guess the delivery was really for a beginner.
I still think it’s a great book! Check it out!

DIY Projects for Guitarists!

Cool video of Fender Factory

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Early days Fender Factory video!

Tubes for dummies article

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Here’s an old article I wrote for beginners to understand tubes a little more – coming from a stompbox perspective:
Tubes for dummies

Vintage Fender amp schematics and layouts

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Looking to repair your old Fender amp?
This site has a ton of schematics and layouts and they are cleaned up.
Nice site!

Vintage Fender Amp Repair

Nice new auto-ranging meter for under $35!

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My old trusty Radio Shack multimeter broke recently. I’ve had it for about 15 years and it has been a workhorse! I loved using it to build my stompboxes and debug my amps. The resistance function broke recently and it was time to find another. I have a number of meters but I wanted another one that was like my old Radio Shack meter. It had True RMS and other functions and it was accurate.

Well, I searched on Ebay and locally and I found a newer model with auto-ranging and true RMS and even a computer interface. I just received the meter and it ROCKS! It seems much better made and almost everything from the display to the information shown to the probes and the extra fuses make this a great deal for under $35! I have a hard time imagining a better meter at this price. I think you will probably like it as well for building stompboxes!

You can find it on eBay with this link.


Beginner Boost breadboard tutorial by Small Bear

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Want to learn how to breadboard a circuit? Try the beginner boost tutorial and get yourself started with building pedals!

Beginner Boost Tutorial


1 million posts in the forum

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1 Million posts! Amazing! forum

unrealBook 1.993 is available.

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unrealBook 1.993 for iPad is available with iRig Blueboard support. This cool 4 button wireless pedal will allow you to turn pages, start/stop your music, bring up searching functions wirelessly. There are 2 modes – program mode and control mode. In program mode – the buttons are preset in function for unrealBook. In control mode, the buttons can be completely programmed for function! Just set each button to one of the following controller numbers:

Controller number – function

0 – Find popup
1 – Pause/Continue music player
2 – Prev Page
3 – Next Page
4 – Set List song popup
5 – Goto menu
6 – Do menu
7 – Quick Panel

Click on the Blueboard pedal to check it out!


unrealBook for mobile (iPhone) is available

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Yep, check out your PDF music charts on your iPhone. Also reads unrealBook drawings, set lists, bookmarks and indexes. Remote control an iPad via networking and grab files from


Pick up your copy in the App Store!

Light Plates for your 1590B and 1590BB boxes!

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These light plates fit in between the bottom plate and the box. They provide a way to light up the edges of your pedals and make a cool lighting effect!!!!! So instead of a single LED lighting up, you see the entire border of the bottom of the box lighting up!!!!! It’s very cool. All you need to do is drill the holes on the plate and mount an LED.


Reference this thread for what it does.

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