Backtrack Golf Manual

Backtrack Golf makes it easy to look back and see how you played on the course! It will track your movements and auto mark where you stopped on the course and display distances. It is fantastic for viewing your tendencies and also for figuring out exactly how far your clubs go. After using it a few rounds, you will wonder how you ever played without it!

Using Backtrack Golf

Backtrack Golf is extremely ease to use. Run it and press the big Start button when get to the first tee. Once started, you can put it in the background and not worry about it the rest of the round. It will track your location in the background. When you are prompted to allow location tracking, choose allow, when prompted for notifications, choose allow and when it asks for motion and fitness activity, choose OK.

Please give Backtrack Golf the proper permissions

The most important permission is to let Backtrack Golf access your location even when you are not using the app. This means when it is in the background, it needs to access your location. Motion & Fitness is needed to detect when you leave in your car, so that it turns off. Notifications permissions are needed so you can receive them on the Apple watch or on the phone. You can choose Not Yet and name your markers with descriptive names. (i.e. 8 iron etc....)

The tracking window

Once the Start button has been pressed, the next window will display your location on the course. When you stop for a predetermined length of time, a marker will be put on the course and if you press the marker, it will display the distance from the last marker. As you play, markers will be set and you can look and see how far your clubs really go. You don't really have to have this window open when playing. Just press the Home button and use your typical Golf GPS app. Don't worry, Backtrack Golf will be working in the background.

Save your round

Once you have finished, you can press Save Round to name and save your round. Alternately, you can just press Done. Backtrack Golf auto saves as it marks your locations. Auto saved rounds are named like this: Saved Round - 6-10-2017. You can always review and rename a saved round later. One last thing. If you don't choose Save Round or press Done, when you jump into your car and leave the course, Backtrack Golf will stop recording. Your auto saved round will be available for later review.

Viewing a saved round

Once you have a round saved, you can press the Rounds button from the main window to view your saved rounds.

Choose a saved round to view it.

From the rounds window, choose a saved round to view it. Swipe left on a round to delete it.

View your saved round

The overview of the course will be shown and you can see where you walked or rode on the course. Markers will be placed where you stopped and you can press any of them to see the yardage from the last point. Use two finger zoom and pan to see different parts of the course. You can also delete markers from the course if needed.

Rename or share your round

Press the action menu on the top right to rename, share or delete your round. You can also Tweet to the world how awesome BackTrack Golf is!

Advanced - fine tuning with settings

The settings icon in the tracking window will allow you to change various settings to optimize the performance. The main parameter is Still interval. This is how long you need to stay in one position before the location will be marked. It all depends on your pre-shot routine and how long you usually take to hit the ball.  For me, 23 seconds seems perfect, the default is 20. If you find it's marking spots too early, increase the Still Interval. If you find you have to wait - decrease the number. In any case it's good take around the same amount of time per shot - this way your pre-shot routine is similar and you are not rushing or taking too long.


As you play, Backtrack Golf will send notifications both to the Apple watch and to the iPhone.

The first notification will be that the first position was marked.

This is how the notification looks on the Apple watch

Subsequent notifications have more options.

Once the first position has been marked, the following notifications have a few options. 1: Ignore the mark and keep calculating the distance (just in case you stopped to wait for something). 2: Add Comment. You can add a comment like "driver". Use the microphone on the Apple watch or Scribble to add the comment.

Add comment

Press Not Yet to ignore this mark or Add Comment to add text to the mark.

Two distances are displayed

The first distance is from the last mark. The second distance is from the mark before the previous mark. This is in case you stopped to wait for someone and then walked to your ball.

Live Round

Live round is a feature that allows one person to view a round in progress from another phone.  For live round to work, both users must log into the same box account from Backtrack Golf. You can sign up for a free box account here. You can log into a couple of ways. The first is to use the settings window and set Live Round to ON. You will be prompted to sign into at that point. The player should sign in from the settings window. Once signed in, you don't have to sign in again.

Live Round-watcher

The person watching the round should use the Rounds window to get to the Live Round button

Press Live Round

When you press Live Round, you will be prompted to join the first time. After signing, in, press Live Round again, and then you will be taken to the Live Round window. You will be able to watch the player move around the course while playing. If multiple people are signed into the same box account, all of them can view the round in progress at the same time. Every time the player stops for a predetermined length of time, a mark is placed and the Live Round is updated. No more guessing where your player is on the course. You will have an idea of how well they might be playing as well.

Troubleshooting - checking permissions

Backtrack golf needs the proper permissions to work properly. Here's how to check... 1. Run the Settings app on your iPhone. 2. Search for Backtrack. 3. Verify that Location is Always, Motion & Fitness is ON. Notifications is Banners and that Celllular Data is ON.


I hope you enjoy learning from Backtrack Golf like I have. I hope it allows you to follow your player as he/she enjoys the game of golf. I hope it provides insight and understanding about this beautiful game we love.

Backtrack Golf written by Aron Nelson

Backtrack Golf written by Aron Nelson Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved