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Big Muff Bias Resistors Calculator

R    K
Re   K
R1   K
R2   K
Vcc  V
Vbe  V
iL   mA


Vc   V
Vb   V
Ve   V
ic   mA
ib   mA
ie   mA
i1   mA
i2   mA
i    mA

Use this page to estimate the bias resistors of a Big Muff circuit.
Calculation includes the effect of germanium transistors leakage current in mA, iL text field. For silicon transistors use iL = 0.
Values are very sensitive to small changes in hFE and iL, therefore precise readings are required to estimate variables with reasonable accuracy.
R2 can be made infinity by making it a large number.
If nothing is showed after clicking the Muff button then click on the result fields or click Reset.

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