From Edwin:

The Status bass that I took this out from has only 1 pickup. Therefore the
pickup blend portion of the circuit is not used and jumpered. The volume pot
was acting funny so it is removed from the board and I'm going to put in a
nice 10k log pot from ALPS. They're enclosed square miniature pots and feels
good. Marleux basses employs these pots too so they should be pretty decent.


Oh yah... the tone control has got a center detent and is 10K linear. The
original IC is a TL062. Most of the on board active circuits that I've seen
has uses TL062/4s. I'd think its for lower current consumption. Anyway I'd
be testing it with the TL072 and see if there's any marked improvement in
sound, else the 062 will remain. The caps used are all pretty decent caps...
and the electrolytics are Rubycon. It uses only 1 9V battery. Original pots
that came with it is stamped with a logo 'S' on it. Maybe OEM for Status.


All 3 electro caps are 4.7u/63V.

Caps from right: 2n2(Cream), 121(Ceramic), 104(Cream), .33(Grey), .1(Cream)
and 150n(Yellow).

'Balance' Dual ganged pot is 200k log and 200k reverse log.

Anyone care to trace it?