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Title: one momentary, one latching, one circuit
Post by: stashtronics on February 08, 2017, 01:10:26 AM
Hello, first time poster with a couple questions relating to the same thing.  Please

1.I am looking at modding a vox wah to have two switching options, plus true bypass  One momentary footswitch mounted on the top and a latching footswitch in the stock position as usual, with a toggle to select which switch is being used. I think this can be done with a 4dpt switch if I wanted to use dpdt footswitches and true bypass.  But what if I wanted to install an LED too?  Is there a better way than a 6pdt toggle?

I posted an image, that may work, I just need help to verify if it is correct and if it can be applied to this situation.  It would just be the circuit instead of the loop.  This picture may have some wires incorrect I think as thats what someone said from the thread I took this from initially.


2.  Is it possible to wire two DPDT switches, one momentary and one latching, to the same circuit, without the use of a toggle switch.  So you could just stomp on either one?  This would be for a clean boost pedal.

Thanks alot and I'm glad to finally be a part of this forum!
Title: Re: one momentary, one latching, one circuit
Post by: pinkjimiphoton on February 09, 2017, 03:17:07 PM
if you put two switches, one momentary, and one latching in parallel you (i think) will get what ya want to do.
you can get 3pdt momentarys from for about 3 bux a piece.

just connect the pins all together ... ie pin one to pin one, ad nauseum. then when you push the latching switch, you'll turn stuff off and on normally, but if you hit the momentary (must be normally open, so it's "closed" when ya hit the switch) it will turn on just as long as you have your foot down on it. try this:

it doesn't ground the input like your drawing does. i find that to be only really gainful with super high gain devices or stuff that may bleed clock noises etc myself so don't bother with it in most cases. either way, ya should be able to figure it out.

as shown, you step on switch one to choose whether the loop is on or off. step on, step again for off.

the momentary tho will work whether the loop is "on" or "off". as soon as ya step on it it will connect the loop until you release the switch.

i THINK this is what you were describing? if not, let me know... btw, brainfart, the momentary switch has an error as i drew it...lack of the top and middle center connections should be switched so the ground wire is to the center, and the orange wire is on top. my bad. sorry!!

you can add another led to the first switch if ya want to as well, same thing. or ya could use a bicolor led, so it's say red for loop off, and green for loop on,  and use a separate led for the momentary.

if ya wanna mess with the bicolor deal, get one with a common anode and connect a CLR to it (current limiting resistor, ballpark 1k to 10k usually works, with more resistance being a dimmer light) and put the green side to the top (go/on) and the red side to the bottom (stop/off).

just seems to me the simpler this is, the easier to "grok" and build. less is sometimes more.

for what i think you're looking to do, simply wire the latching and momentary switches in parallel. easy breezy!!
good luck, hollah back if ya get stuck or if i @#$%ed up again ;)

or are you looking to do the momentary where it only works when the loop is turned on? that's a bit different, but still fairly easy to implement. if that's what ya need, definitely let me know.

peace and welcome to the forum ;)