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Title: this sounds stupid but im new to this
Post by: eadgbe on August 25, 2006, 11:54:24 PM
well this is goin to sound dumb, so whoever posted the "dumba$$ noob" thing, dont feel bad, im only a kid and i never done much with electronics, but i play guitar and i like to ekpirement :icon_lol:,so wut i need to know is, where can i buy these parts (capacitors, potentiometers)? and also, please tell me, although i think im sure i jus wanna know, this stompbox is for a guitar right? :-\, also, wut does it do? sorry if ive made u mad by bein an idiot lol, but pleas help me out!! thanks alot

Title: Re: this sounds stupid but im new to this
Post by: captntasty on August 26, 2006, 12:47:50 AM
A number of parts can be found at your local radioshack...  probably better for tools - solder iron, etc.  Others can be had online - will have pretty much everything you need and Steve is a great guy, if your going to be ordering anything online you may as well get it all from him.  Try the STORE link up top - not a wide variety but a good place.  Lots of other suppliers out there but this will get you going.  Yep, it's for guitar but I guess you could try it with bass, keyboard, anything you plug in like a guitar - results may vary.  This is a booster - Gus Smalley's NPN Boost to be precise.  It boosts (makes it louder I guess you could say) your guitar signal and can be used to drive a tube amp really hard or good for placing in front of a long chain of pedals - but that's for later :icon_wink: .  Don't expect flying spaceship noises or killer hyper-distortion.  I'm not sure as I haven't built it but I believe it is a clean boost with maybe a little overdrive(slight distortion) - a great place to start anyhow.  Give it a try and don't be afraid to ask questions on this board concerning this project - everybody started out like you, not knowing which way to go and it can be confusing.  Just be patient and you will learn a ton and make some cool gear.
Peace and good luck
Title: Re: this sounds stupid but im new to this
Post by: aron on August 26, 2006, 02:02:47 PM
Wes the project is a guitar booster. It makes your guitar louder and at the end of the volume curve, there's distortion :D

Check out this Wiki:

Stocking your workbench section is good.