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Building your own stompbox / Re: Tonewoodamp
« Last post by jgoldkamp on Yesterday at 01:48:49 PM »
I noticed an error in the build document above (missing connection on the diagram showing how to bridge strips together).  I have corrected it, and also tweaked the program code to save a few instructions (there were a few places where quantities were written to registers and then read back immediately in the next instruction.  I will pull the old zip file.  Use this one instead ...!AvrH61utWEtEinTuwzdgxpn2TVm8

Is there an updated link for this document, this one appears to no longer work?


Doc has been updated with larger cap value on the crystal to avoid noisy start-up.!AvrH61utWEtEiz97o2-i-hpundLe?e=5qDOZy

Thanks DrAlx, much appreciated.

The download link doesn't appear to be working. Do you have a new one?
Building your own stompbox / Re: Med-high voltage Valvecaster/Tube preamp project
« Last post by momo on Yesterday at 01:26:35 PM »
A few issues. jeeze, happy to find this out but wow...
I thought maybe the new breadboard was maybe shorting somewhere, but no.
I have 2 meters I use on circuit, one for volts and one for current.
I was getting mega ohms of resistance as per what you mentioned to do, and it would slowly go down.
That cheap meter was causing the problem, if I unplug that meter, infinite resistance between the two dc poles.
So thats good, eliminated one problem.
Still, no sound and lots of whine from my psu.
Sort list, 1 and 5 have 8.92v from a 9v source, nothing on everything else.
Pin 9 not grounded, so logically the heaters should be in series.
I have 4 to ground and 5 to psu.
That 8.9v should be good enough for the tube to start.
I tried 2 tubes that I know work...
Building your own stompbox / Re: i'm new to pedals, any advice for me?
« Last post by Phend on Yesterday at 01:11:04 PM »
Check this out,
Simular to Bazz, Electra, towards the bottom you will see in "red" to download the entire build guide pdf file.

And this will help, same stuff as others have advised
Digital & DSP / Re: New Teensy based programmable stompbox
« Last post by Blackaddr on Yesterday at 12:40:08 PM »
The normal Teensy audio board from PJRC and the TGA Pro I make and sell on Tindie use the Teensy as the I2S master, and run at 44.1 KHz. The Multiverse uses a customized version that changes the audio stream to 48 KHz, and runs the CODEC in master mode with a crystal. In order to support this mode in my BALibrary I added master mode support for the WM8731 codec. The code in my library is located here, specifically class BAAudioControlWM8731master.
Building your own stompbox / Re: i'm new to pedals, any advice for me?
« Last post by deadastronaut on Yesterday at 12:33:15 PM »
step one, make a 'true bypass' breadboard....essential.

breadboard/2 jacks/a 2.1mm dc socket/a 3pdt toggle switch, and led. and you will have a live pedal to tweak as you go..

get some npn transistors, 3904,5088, and some TL072 opamps..

selection of capacitors, and electrolytic capacitors, and selection of 1/4 watt resistors..

and have fun... youve chosen the best pedal forum ever... 8)

Building your own stompbox / Re: i'm new to pedals, any advice for me?
« Last post by Mark Hammer on Yesterday at 12:01:29 PM »
My best advice is to be patient.  There will undoubtedly be weeks when it feels like your soldering iron is cursed, because NOTHING seems to work when you fire it up.  And there will be weeks when you have the golden touch, and every little whim results in success.  So, patience will be your friend, while you wait through the cursed period.
Building your own stompbox / Re: i'm new to pedals, any advice for me?
« Last post by Fancy Lime on Yesterday at 11:53:20 AM »
Depends on the person, doesn't it? I for one pretty much gave up making music after learning how to build effects because I just like it better for a hobby. No more band mates, no more audiences, no more drunk people telling me that the gig was awesome while clearly being in no position to tell either way, no more chummy fraternizing other bands. Pedal building on the other hand I can do in complete isolation and keep my outside communication to the minimum of forum threads with y'all glorious weirdos. Suits me fine. But yeah, that may not be how well adjusted humans normally function.

Also, about the music of the 60s and 70s: yes it was great (still is) and yes they didn't have fancy gear by modern standards. But they also kinda sucked in terms of playing technique compared to many modern players. Which also had to do with constraints put in place by recording gear, no time for endless takes, little possibility of editing... But also with "just playing" instead of practicing everything to death. To me that is a big part of the charisma of that era.
you are saying I would need to put a resistor in series on the DC supply,

No... :icon_wink:

I'm just guessing the cause for smoke..

There is a low resistance "somewhere" across supply + and -..

With tube out of socket, measure resistance across + Vcc IN and GND..
(power supply disconnected, of course..)

Digital & DSP / Re: New Teensy based programmable stompbox
« Last post by niektb on Yesterday at 11:32:02 AM »
Heey that's very cool! I'm also working on a Teensy-based DSP pedal but I'm failing into getting the I2S to work, could you perhaps share some information on how you implemented the master clocking of the i2s? do you let the teensy generate master clocks or do you have a crystal? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Building your own stompbox / Re: i'm new to pedals, any advice for me?
« Last post by Steben on Yesterday at 11:28:42 AM »

I agree with all advice given.
An electra distortion is great as well.
These circuits are not hard to tweak and bias and are standalone effects giving immediate result.
Next would be a booster which is easy but needs a circuit next in line to enjoy. The 250/ dist + is an opamp circuit which is such an important device. Eventually you will fall for a fuzz face build which will introduce biasing issues. Endless options. Enjoy the ride.
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