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Re: hmmm...remember kustom amps?
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getting rid of some parasitic oscillation helped. added a couple snubbers, ditched one of the output caps, went to .22's for most of the caps. 47k r6 instead of 4.7k
it's JUSSSSST below unity now, not so crazy bright, and still sounds like john fogarty.

so here ya go... the suzy q

(what the hell else ya gonna call it?!?!?!?!?)

listen loud. blaze one first:

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Re: hmmm...remember kustom amps?
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made it brighter, louder, less gated, and a hell of a lot gainier.
i use a vn2222 mosfet for q1, a GE ac176 for q2, and a 5088 for q3
also added the tone control from my monkey balls pedal, which implements a feedback loop and "fake variable cap" to attenuate some of the highs without @#$%ing up the gain too badly.

removed the ge diode clipper between stages 2 and 3, it just killed the circuit too much. i've learned a bit since the original one i think. i moved it to the output of the circuit, and so far prefer either schotke's or plain old 914's. you may wanna either add a switch between the clipper and ground, or a resistance.. a 100k trimmer would let you dial in how much clipping occurs.

upped the gain of the chip, so now instead of 2x gain max, its more like 4 or 5x gain. the harmonics control really makes a difference now, and it can get VERY fuzzy. or can be turned all the way down if need be or for more of an amp sim kinda sound.

bumped up the final stage's gain substantially by changing the e resistor from 2.2k to 47r. you could also just ground it directly, but you probably don't need that much gain.

ditched the pair of caps between stages 2 and 3 as well, and made it a single .022 cap. .047 and .039 in series works out to almost exactly .022. go figure. ;)

switched around a couple components in the power supply as well, added another diode (yeah i know but i prefer this way... nothing tends to blow up, where as with a series diode the diode can fail and often does. by adding a reverse biased one to ground too an overvoltage or opposite polarity will just shunt to ground and nothing blows up)

added a bigger rfi cap to the power supply as well, and moved the ripple "choke" resistor.

i ditched ALL the @#$%in snubber caps. no need for them. when i was testing stuff thru a little teeny amp, yeah, they sounded great to my ear at the time, but they really robbed the circuit of life pretty bad so i ditched all of them. the tone control works really nicely to do the exact same thing now anyways, so they were all unneccessary. the 100k feedback resistor on the chip you may wanna add a small treble peaker too, but i don't think its likely necessary.

so anyways... here ya go. the suzy q mk III kustom harmonic clipper

if ya set the attack about half, the harmonics about 1/4 and the volume about 10:00 it still really nails that green river sound, and if ya turn your guitar down its total suzy q.

but if ya crank the attack and harmonics knobs, it very much becomes a very "harmonic slurry" kind of fuzztone and can get ugly in a kinda beautiful way. the tone control can tame it down.

should have enough balls to kick any amp into overdrive.

put a fuzzface before this thing and be in guitar volume knob heaven. feels plays and sounds like you're playing thru a great classic amp.

funny, me ditching germanium from a circuit, huh? ;)

anyways... come meet the new hoss... similar to the old hoss, but more hoss power.

if ya build it and ya diggit, let me know. i'll try and lay out a vero at some point

listen loud. blaze one first:

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