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Help Needed - BOSS CH-1 (Digital)
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I just picked up a used CH-1 Chorus pedal knowing that it was not working. The problem is that there is no effect, only clean signal wether or not the pedal is engaged.
When I removed the PCB, I noticed a burn mark on the chassis near the AC jack as well as on the PCB itself. It appears that D2,C34,R36 and Q6 may be affected (not sure if one or more are bad).

I guess I need to know if this is a fairly simple repair? Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Re: Help Needed - BOSS CH-1 (Digital)
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hi , how have you powered this pedal to test it?do you use the offical boss/roland power supply .have you tried a battery ? i ask this as I have a pedal (a marshall vibratrem )that is very choosy about what power supply it works with.   It would power on , showing its red light and even with some adapters let a guitar signal pass through it unaffected without adding its own effect to it .
Yes I did read what you said about the burn marks on the chassis and pcb before you ask :D, but without any pictures to see , to my minds eye it could be a light burn (where things might still be working, i have a few things like that  :icon_wink:) or as you are suggesting it is job of replacing the bits mentioned.
So if you havent tried a battery, do so to see if the pedal is being gay or not .Also a few photos of it would be good for those of us like myself who don`t own a ch -1 to see the parts you mentioned to see what values/type they are :)
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