Author Topic: Hardwire HT-2 chromatic Tuner (Digitech) doa. Help....  (Read 2327 times)


Hardwire HT-2 chromatic Tuner (Digitech) doa. Help....
« on: December 25, 2012, 08:33:34 AM »
First of all, seasons greetings from the netherlands. Came across this forum for years but never really got myself registered. Since i've got a dead on arrival a few weeks ago i just cant seem so figure out so i thought what the heck.

Does anyone have or knows where to find a schematic for a HT-2 tuner bij hardwire a.k.a. digitech. Also threads will help as wel. I googled my ass of, but the only stuff i come up with is where to buy one. Tuner doesn't do anything on ibanez adapter as on a fresh 9V battery.

I already did some research and think that d4 is out, 8.99 V DC is inserted, one lead is 0V, other is about 7V DC. Of course it's all micro components, nut i can read on the transistor something that says "il 44 4". 



Re: Hardwire HT-2 chromatic Tuner (Digitech) doa. Help....
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Well, i figured out it's that il 44 4 thingy. Anyone know a replacement?