Author Topic: New Member - question about SPDT vs DPDT for Fender Reverb/Tremolo F/S  (Read 695 times)


Hello everyone, I am new here.  I hope to be learning a lot from everyone, as I have several new projects I wish to embark on...
Right now, I am building a Fender Reverb/Tremolo Footswitch for my Princeton Reverb... I wish to have LED's, but I bought Carling SPDT's.  I have read online that a DPDT would serve this function better???  So, my question is - is there a way (a stable & proper way) for me to wire the LED's to the SPDT's for said purpose of lighting up in sync with the amp function?  Or, is the proper way to actually use DPDT's?  I don't want to do "rig" it up incorrectly, or in an abnormal way, because I am wishing to learn about the "correct" or "common" way to do these types of things.  I also am curious if anyone has a schematic for this footswitch circuit? 
Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it!  And, hello for the first time! 
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