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First stripboard/vero layout attempt - 555 flasher - bad
« on: March 13, 2013, 09:27:05 AM »

wasn't really sure where else to post this as it seems more basic than the other stuff i've been working on.

basically, i've had some success with 7-segment displays and wanted to put one in my upcoming pedal for no reason. trouble is, this one only has 10 pins and depends on flickering between either digit. so at around 3am, i thought it would be a great idea to try and make use of a 555 IC i had lying around by using a random circuit diagram from the most poorly translated, unverifiable website ever lol. suffice to say, it doesn't seem to work.

this is my first attempt at converting a raw diagram to a stripboard layout. there's probably something wrong with what i've done or what the original guy did, but probably the former. i know the 555 depends on resistor values for timing, but i changed them slightly - surely i'd still get some reaction out of the circuit? LEDs round the right way, no noticeable shorts etc.

it's not the most efficient layout as i wanted to work with a 6x21 piece i had lying around. anyway, here's my layout (there are cuts under the IC btw, forgot to draw them):

and here's the original circuit diagram:


could someone verify this or point out my inevitable mistakes? i find it difficult to visualise all this, tbh.

it's not a biggie, it'd just suck to have one digit showing on my pedal at any time lol. cheers for any help!
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Re: First stripboard/vero layout attempt - 555 flasher - bad
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Cut under the 220k?
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