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Zoom gfx 707
« on: March 23, 2013, 10:55:15 AM »
Hey gang, the input jack on my 707 cuts the signal, super noisy, and overlall i right in thinking i cant resolder the connections and it prolly needs to be replaced?

Mac Walker

Re: Zoom gfx 707
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No, the most likely cause is a weak solder joint on the board.  I've repaired a few ZOOM units and BOSS multi effects units this way....

You can actually see the compromised terminal moving around as you move the jack.....just resolder and you are good to go (usually).

The jacks themselves don't go bad - it's basically poor design, as the terminals that are soldered to the board are bearing all of the lateral forces, instead of a threaded nut.


Re: Zoom gfx 707
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Thank you so much!!! Opened her up resoldered and works like a charm! Thank you!