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programmable looper progress
« on: March 10, 2013, 12:41:38 AM »
It's getting there, all the logic seems to work okay. I've got one of the output relays and one of the loop relays wired up.
I'm getting a lot of nasty noise right now though, and the relays pop pretty loud but I've seen a few threads on here dealing with both. I don't have any sort of post-relay muting applied yet.

I'm starting to think a stripboard wasn't the right way to go here but I've never wired one and wanted to try it. "Tedious" would be the best way I could describe it.

Most of the work was in the I/O. Lots and lots of I/O... and getting the program right. But I really can't know if it's debugged until I get it all in an enclosure and jam with it for a while.

FYI, I have no idea what the toggle on the Phasor does. I got the pedal in payment for some amp work I did. It doesn't seem to do anything much.  :icon_rolleyes: The pedal doesn't sound bad at all though as long as I keep the regen below 12 o'clock.


Re: programmable looper progress
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I designed this so the audio sleeve is isolated from the power supply ground. Seemed like the sensible thing to do. I placed a .082uF across these and it completely eliminated the line noise I was getting. :icon_surprised: It's like it's plugged directly into the amp with a single cord.

Now if I only understood why this is so. I'm wondering if that's going to suck any tone out of the signal. I need an A/B box so I can really compare the looper signal to a direct cable.
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Re: programmable looper progress
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Hi stirfoo, which microcontroller did you end up going with?

I was going to suggest PICAXE to your earlier post in January, but it looks like you've already made the choice :-)


Re: programmable looper progress
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hey  jpwilksch

Sorry I haven't replied. I got a bit side tracked by life.

I bought an Arduino Uno when I decided to see how far I could get with this. It has the Atmega328p. I bought another 328p and use the Uno to program it, then move it to the strip board. It's the only micro controller I'm familiar with (and I'm definitely a novice in that respect).  I still need to get an enclosure made then I can wire it all up and enjoy one-stomp bliss.


Re: programmable looper progress
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Looks cool!