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Yet another russian emulator
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In my neverending search for the ultimate bedroom distortion, I collected many schematics and badly translated web pages from the cool russian gang of Viktor Kempf, Mihail Semenov, Anton Kalin, and some whom names I don't know like KMG, Medved, and many others.
My spare time seems to get less and less, but whenever I can I'm breadboarding one of them.

This time it is a simulation from Mihail 'Oldmike' Semenov, circuit is depicted here (in russian). If you can read/translate (I used Google Translate) the page, you may find the reasoning behind his simulation. Sadly, it is beyond my level of expertise :(.
There is a JFET version and an op amp one. I chose to try the op amp version for the predictability of their behaviour, especially when compared to JFETs. That and lack of an oscilloscope.

Anyway, this is what I used:

When I played it, it didn't fell as nice as my favorite pedal (for the time being), an AMT L1 inspired circuit. But I was surprised to find it seems to record much nicer. And it does not even have a cabsim on this clip or this one.

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