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Weak signal from RAT
« on: May 18, 2013, 12:05:51 PM »

Bought a second hand modded RAT 2 last week, but it doesn't function properly! Basically it is only useable with the distortion and volume cranked. If I dial the knobs to the "standard position", at noon that is, the signal is really quiet and low-gainy. The mods the previous owner had done to it included the Reutz-mod and replacing the "china-chip" with a LM308N. I've soldered the 47-ohm resistor back to undo the Reutz mod, but the signal is still really weak. I tried to re-heat all the solder-joints to ensure proper connections, taken the switch apart and cleaning it, changed the battery and tried different power supplies.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on with my RAT? :)

Re: Weak signal from RAT
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Just in case anyone else has this problem (I googled A LOT to find solutions to this problem):

Use an audio-probe ( to work your way through the circiut. I discovered a signal loss over an electrolytic capacitor. I changed it and it works as it's supposed to!


Re: Weak signal from RAT
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Weak signal fro
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Help me solve this problem please, My turntable Denon DP-200 are weak signal since about a month ago. It happen when i was modify change it cable to canare and it can play normally for about 1-2 week then signal are low T-T . Its not low ever, it change in random time Normal>Low>Normal then back to low again.

I had check any cable closely and it all OK. Then coil  is about 330 ohm,Maybe this OK? I think  ok. My line phono are work fine normally. I dont know what happen with it now?

My turntable is Denon DP-200USB  cartidge is MM, Or it cartidge Magnet are too old? It got this TT about 2 year ago.. I try to remove it cartidge and found only Pick-up and Magnet Rod, Sometime i put it back and sound back to normal then 1-2 day back to random Low and Normal...

Thank you

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