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Payback Looper
« on: March 31, 2013, 06:22:17 PM »
I was looking through some threads of Andrew's (The Tone God) looper designs based on the ISDXXXX record and playback devises.

It seemed as fast as he could finish a design, the IC that he used would become obsolete!

I'm interested in giving the Payback v1.1 a shot:

It looks as if the ISD1600 series through hole ICs are a bit hard to find, but the newer 1700 series is still available.
I was wondering if anyone (Andrew.. if you're out there) has any experience with these ICs. Looking at the data sheets, it seems as if it would be possible to retrofit the 1700 series into the 1600 design. (1700 =28pin with more features)

I noticed that there's an ISD1800 series available as well. Would either IC be usable without too many changes in the Payback v1.1?

Any thoughts??  ???
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Re: Payback Looper
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I am interested in building my own looper as well and was interested in his design but I can not find the chip..  I found a sample of someone who built their own looper but they used a PIC? and mentioned coding.. I have no experience coding, but the ISD chips do not require any computer programming correct?  Sorry if I come off as a novice.  Let me know if you find another acceptable diy looper with a chip available

Tim C