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bsiab noisy
« on: October 09, 2003, 09:00:23 AM »
Hi, I did this question in the old forum, and I got some interesting answers but Old forum is not up (isn't it Aaron?), and I did not save them. So I ask for your help again. Sorry for my poor english.
My bsiab (great overdrive almost distortion pedal) is noisy. When I play a bass note, it sounds a little while, then it loose the bright (still sounding) and then some very trebly noise starts sounding superimposed (not too loud but with my Vintage 30 it really bothers).
I have measured the voltages:
J201  D         S           G
1      4V       50 mV     0
2      7.62V  3.98V     3.6V
3      6.21V   77mV    0
4      7.51V   6.12V    6.04V
5      7.61V   5.76V    5.58V
The battery is 7.6V, but the noise is the same with a 9V regulates power supply.
Two more symptoms: the tone control starts sounding very treble from 40%. Gain is too hot since 10%, even if I play strings very soft the sound distorts. When the gain is low the sound has no botton end at all.
Thanks for reading.