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Paia Headphone Distribution Amp
« on: November 15, 2013, 11:50:03 AM »

I am a hobbyist, and I have been working in this project:

I have a problem with the pots... when I turn one channel off, all the other channels also turn off. So, if I want to control the first channel, I need to turn all pots to 10...

So, you can see that I am very noob!  :icon_redface:

How can I fix this?


(I searched the forum for this information, and I found some Paia Headphone Distribution Amp topics... but all of them are very old, then I made a new topic. Sorry for my bad english)


Re: Paia Headphone Distribution Amp
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Guys, I am sorry... I found the answer in this article:

I was wiring wrong the pots... I deserve to be excommunicated from the forum... sorry my noobiness!