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Nub Question... Tone Control
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I'm new to building my own pedals I started with a few Lil' Smokey style LM386n IC amps and then I found this site and GM's site. I have made the NPN boost and was successful with it on my first attempt. I have completed the DOD 250 Clone on bread board and it sits before me (still in breadboard form). I would like to continue tweaking it before I call it done and put it in an enclosure. I'm happy with the sound @ present but am still waiting on 25pf caps in the mail as well as my 3PDT switches. i'm currently using a 100pf (smallest I could find @ radio shack) as a filler for C3. I'm thinking I'll get less filtering of my highs once that cap has a lower value (correct me if I'm wrong). So In the process of completing my build I have a few nub questions....

Nub questions inc...
1.) Is there anyway to add a tone control into this circuit?
2.) How do I wire it up to have both a power supply (boss style) and a 9v battery? (I found the answer to this question after further trolling. LOL)
3.) I've posted this one higher up but I'll ask again. On a couple other sites I've seen the gain pot listed as a 500k "RA" pot. In the parts list and a couple other places here it is listed as a 50K "RA" pot. Which is the correct value (if there is a truly correct answer). Or which one will better give me the ability to have a much more subtle distortion at lower range of pot (give me a fuller range of distortion). I've used the 50k and a 250k I currently have the 250 seems to have low distortion until about 50% through its range then distortion increases very dramatically over the last 50% and the last bit of the knob actually boost the distortion quite a bit unfortunately it also pushes the volume. I'm using a Crate V5 amp and I'm getting a great distortion with the volume and gain all the way up on the 250k pot and my amp at 2 on the volume there is enough input to slightly overdrive my 12ax7 pre-amp tube which adds some great tone to the distortion. Is there a way I could add a 250k resistor between the pins 2 and 3 on the 250k pot and actually give myself the full 500k resistance? Correct me if I'm wrong but the gain pot is basically a variable resistor to ground in this set up is that right?
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Re: Nub Question... Tone Control
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It is sad to see that many of these questions were never answered. I see a lot of dead end threads here.


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Nub questions inc...
1.) Is there anyway to add a tone control into this circuit?

I know this is an old post but I'm going to answer the first question.
Yes there is, you can add tone control before the volume pot.
You might have to add a buffer though, put it on the output of the tone control, but thats easy.

This is taken straight from the Big Muff:

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