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HDMI microcontroller / DSP tutorial
« on: October 05, 2016, 05:38:22 AM »
I know a little bit about microcontrollers. I want to first say this question will be over my head but I'd like to do the project anyway...

I want to have a HDMI input, add effects to the sound, then output to HDMI out(all the while receiving the video, if there is any, on the other end). Through this guys post Microcontroller to process HDMI frames I learned I need a DSP. Can anyone step me in the right direction, I cannot find any tutorials or references online how to even get HDMI in to HDMI out on a board. If anyone has any references for that or even how to take the audio and effect it that would be very helpful.

I need to do more research on DSP's since I really just heard of them... but I'm having trouble finding HDMI components(for the in & out connection) and which type of processor or hardware would be used to process the sound...

I have seen the Raspberry Pi but I need an HDMI in & out and would like to find out how to do this strictly using the components rather than using a prebuilt microcontroller like that if at all possible.

Any information is very much appreciated!

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Re: HDMI microcontroller / DSP tutorial
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One thing you're probably going to find very difficult is HDCP, which is intended to keep you from accessing the raw digital stream in order to copy or modify it.
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