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Full list of existing mods for the Echo Base?
« on: January 07, 2014, 08:00:26 PM »
I've read through the huge thread on this amazing effect and have learned a lot...I'm still learning and trying to digest it all.  But I am wondering if there is a source, or list, or document where all the intriguing mods people have come up with for this pedal can be found that I can try experimenting with.  Is something like that available?

Mark Hammer

Re: Full list of existing mods for the Echo Base?
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I can recommend building your Echobase into a chassis, or in a chassis orientation, that allows for three stompswitches.  I built one with a latching SPST switch, as per the original, and two momentaries, one on either side of the latching stomp, and installed at a lower "altitude", such that I could reliably hit the latching one without hitting either of the momentaries at the same time.

One of the momentaries is wired in parallel with the lain latching switch.  When the unit is in "tails" mode, AND in bypass, that allows the first momentary to function as a "ounch-in" switch, that permits you to only apply delay for as long as you hold it down, instantly reverting to bypass when you lift your foot.  VERY handy for applying delay only to those notes you want to.

The other momentary is a SPDT (or DPDT), that can be used in normally open OR normally closed mode.  As you are likely aware, bridging the 1uf feedback cap in the LFO kills the modulation,  If we use the momentary switch in normally open mode, then stepping on the switch will kill modulation for as long as you hold your foot down.  If used in normally closed mode, then stepping on it will bring in the modulation for as long as you hold the switch down.  To do this, you would run a wire from pin 1 (output) of the LFO chip to the common of the momentary stomp switch.  A second wire would go from the pin 2 input (essentially one wire from each end of the cap) to the common of a SPDT toggle.  That goggle's outside lugs go to the outside lugs of the momentary stompswitch.  The toggle lets you select between LFO-enable or LFO-kill, using the bigger momentary.  The only downside I've run into is that I can find nice soft-touch SPST momentaries, but SPDT and DPDT momentaries have an identifiable "click" that is a teeny bit disconcerting. 

That caveat aside, these are very useful performance features.  BUt again, their usability depends heavily on the physical arrangement of switches.  I suppose, if a person had built their unit into a box that was too small top accommodate all 3 switches, it wouldn't be too difficult to pop a pair of small holes into the side of the box, install some jacks and run cables out to an extension box.  The nice thing about the Echobase is that the largely electronic switching permits that.