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The Basics
« on: January 25, 2014, 12:47:28 PM »
Hi. I want to start building a stompbox, it would be my first. I'm new to all of this, that is why I ask for your wisdom to give me any link, paper, topic or anything in which I can learn the basics for stompbox building such as the basic components, circuits and stuff. Anything, whatever you read for first learning about this, especially the very technical electric part, I now have plenty of free time, I just want some guidance to go on baby steps. Thanks.


Re: The Basics
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beavis audio, geofex, amz, the search function of this forum and wiki, RG's pcb layout book, general guitar gadgets, run off groove, tonepad, BYOC. Some of those are for kits and schematics as well.

But, if you use the search function of this forum, you will see countless threads with this topic and tons of answers.