Author Topic: EHX Holy Grail Update: better sample rate  (Read 2286 times)


EHX Holy Grail Update: better sample rate
« on: February 05, 2014, 06:49:47 PM »
has anyone tried to change the crystal to increase the chip's sample rate?
CS4811 datasheet says it can be as 50KHz.
from 8.192MHz changing to 12.288MHz crystal we get 12288KHz/256=48KHz sample rate. 1.5x than stock rate.
datasheet also says the crystal should be capable of 20pF capacitive loading...


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It looks like you can but doing so will probably make the whole thing run 1.5 times faster, you're not just changing the sample rate. This means the delays/reverbs will be shorter and the frequency of any filters will be different as they probably relate to sample rate. Other things may change as well, maybe not doing what you expect.


Re: EHX Holy Grail Update: better sample rate
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yes, it's the capability of the chip not the firmware in it.
but someone might be brave enough to try.
i am not used to desolder 100-legged chips...