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First design thanks
« on: August 25, 2019, 09:48:10 AM »
About a year ago I decided join the forums and start playing with fx. I don't play, but have lots of player friends from my pro audio experience.

I'm about ready to send gerbers to Shenzhen for the attached LTspice schematic.

I'd like to thank folks here: Rob Strand, for having posts in the archives that confirmed my main ideas of lowpass during clipping and use of inverting topology; teemuk for his comprehensive discussion of the history of solid state techniques.

Diode "D310" is a PIN diode (BAT63). I don't expect them to be magic, but hopefully yet another different diode to try for folks in the future.

Pick your quad opamp of preference (I'm using an ST 274). Opamp 8 is used for a good, stiff V/2.

Named "Kitten lockup" after a game with indecipherable rules that my two little boys like to play.

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