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TS-9 Clone (no sound)
« on: April 08, 2014, 12:44:42 PM »
This is my very first post in this great forum. I decided to dive into diy projects and I was able to make my very first PCB using the toner transfer method. I managed to build a TS-9 clone (from Tonepad) everything looks good except for there is no sound. I desoldered the byapass switch and soldered the battery wires, input and output straight to the board to make sure the issue is not coming from offboard wiring. I noticed that when everything is plugged in when I unplug and replug the battery I can hear the effect sound but just for a couple seconds and then it shuts off again. What could be the cause of this annoying problem? Please help. Thank you !


Re: TS-9 Clone (no sound)
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hello, and welcome to the forum, gega.

we always like to say, go here, follow instructions, come back and post results.

we also like to see pictures of your work, copper and component sides, and offboard wiring.
let's not mention the football