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Re: First pedal build is a failure. Ugh.
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I'm curious on what you've done to make it work.
Green is perfboard.
Red is Printed Circuit Board, it has the fuzz printed on it. Because the circuit is printed there's not much you can modify or alter, like paralleling resistors, etc. On the perfoard you may do whatever circuit you want. Maybe you can split a board in to if its large enough, and use small circuits like this fuzz or Electra, LPB etc

A jumper from the ground socket to the 3rd socket on the 'Audio In' as anotherjim suggested.

I've got different sizes of the double plated green perf. I've also got some brown single plated perf on the way, as well. I think I posted a pic above?

Edit: pic added below

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Re: First pedal build is a failure. Ugh.
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Hey there, just wondering if you have any pics of your finished build? Ive got the same board from hyper-ms on ebay and running into similair issues.
Did you skip the battery connection and do the 9VDC in and ground to battery connections? and then jumper from a mono jack the sleeve to pin 3 on the board input?
much appreciated, cheers!