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Change the switch...
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So, ok. I am a total beginner at this and my project is rather simple to put together but there is one thing that I dont really dare to fix without some tips n trix from you pro guys.

The idea is to put three rather shitty distortion pedals together as one, in one new homemade box. Probably this will sound like a messy apocalyptic pile of crap in the end but that's the goal :icon_twisted:

The problem here is the switches, the pedals are different behringer types and when stripped down there is just a little touchbutton on the circuitboard, you know. I want a stompswitch, even better a toggle cause this thing is not ment to be on the floor.

Is this possible without an obvious fail, can I remove that switch and solder another kind to the board?
I looked around on youtube etc for this but I can't find anything that helps me. I got a hundred other questions for this project but this one stopped the creativity here.

Any thoughts about it anyone? Thanks!


Re: Change the switch...
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Are there only two leads (wires) on the switch? Does it hard "click" or just feel like a momentary switch?

A "normally open" momentary switch makes the circuit (i.e., connects the wires) only when it's pushed down. A "normally closed" momentary switch breaks the circuit (disconnects the wires) only when it's pushed down. You need to figure out which kind it is. If it's a normally open momentary switch, I'd probably desolder it from the board (carefully! with a solder sucker or desoldering braid) and run wires from the board to a switch like this: But you need to research the particulars of how Behringer does their switching before you order something like this.

Do you have a multimeter that shows continuity and/or measures resistance? If so you can determine if it's momentary or not, and if it's normally open or normally closed.

...or someone here who knows about Behringer switching schemes can enlighten us...
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