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EHX Micro Synth Gain Trim Pot Value
« on: January 21, 2015, 06:07:15 PM »
Hey everyone. Recently picked up an EHX Micro Synth and the only thing wrong with it was the gain trim pot had busted. I put in a new one I had lying around and tested it out and everything works perfectly. Except I think the trim pot value is off because I attempted to set the input gain correctly and the manual says to turn the gain up till the signal distorts and then back off till it goes away, except that even at the full turn of the trim pot there was no distortion. I'm guessing the value is just off so I'm limited to the amount of gain available. Since the old trim pot was busted I wasn't able to measure it's resistance level so I was hoping someone might be able to chip in some help on how to decide which level of trim pot to use. The one I have in it now is a 4K resistor. Thanks!


Re: EHX Micro Synth Gain Trim Pot Value
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I think it's 10k
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