Author Topic: arduino for presets, forest of potentiometers, and other quandaries  (Read 1853 times)


 Hey guys,
digital neophyte here. I have started a thread in the 'regular forum'  :icon_lol: ...
If anyone has some wisdom to impart for a poor sap..
the synopsis is that im trying to solve a 23874672- knob project that i want presets for..
I have questions of the basic implications of reality regarding arduino/other uC's, digipots, and anything i dont know about (which is a lot)

I would request that any advice go to the thread , linked below, for the sake of anyone else learning from my misery and mistakes, all in one concise location.

that being said i will be VERY appreciative of any  wisdom wherever it gets posted... I will repost any progress that ends up in THIS thread into the
'original' thread

thanks in advance, this is your chance to get me 'into' the digital world.. i always 'got' the nature of programming logic, so this 'get off my ass' application may well get me bitten by the digi bug..

the thread in question: