Author Topic: Is somebody working with the SourceBoost IDE? Or could port a PIC C code?  (Read 1845 times)


I built a MidiClock-Generator from this source: midihub-6-way that works just fine. BUT I would like to change the default mode from setting the tempo by up and down buttons (MODE_STEP) to the tap function (MODE_TAP). Together with the MidiClock to tap converter (here) this would make a nice central tempo distributor on my (and your) pedal board.

Unfortunately I am not a programming guy at all (although I watched countless Youtube videos regarding that topic by now). The source code can be found here
If somebody could help me with a newly synthesized (built?compiled?) .hex file then I would really happy.  I already did a 1590b layout with onboard jacks, so it could be easily DIYed.

Thanks in advance and all the best!