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Tap tempo lfo v2.1?
« on: May 15, 2015, 11:24:48 AM »
I'm venturing off into the tap tempo builds and found myself very confused. I bought Attiny85s from Tayda awhile ago with the intent to build one of the tap tempo layouts over at Sabrotone. Now that I feel confident enough that I can do one of those builds I read that I need to program the Attiny85 with the "Tap - tempo LFO v2" code. Where do I find the code? And is Ardu into the best way to it? Thanks guys!


Re: Tap tempo lfo v2.1?
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The code is here to compile the code into a file you can then program the Attiny85 with you'll need to install Atmel Studio then according to the instructions in the code to program the Attiny you need a high voltage programmer.
To be honest if you just want to build the pedal the easiest thing to do is just buy a pre programmed chip


Re: Tap tempo lfo v2.1?
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I was trying to but it keeps saying ""Sending request to Paypal" but never does. I'll try on my laptop instead of my phone when I get home.