Author Topic: BOSS VE-20 problem, please help!  (Read 2406 times)


BOSS VE-20 problem, please help!
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:08:36 AM »
Hello everybody,
my BOSS VE-20 does not work.. I borrowed to a friend and I got it back not working. Guess he used a wrong power supply.. or maybe something else happened.. he couldn't explain and his relationiship with technology is even worst than mine.. and I'm totally ignorant about the content of this kind of pedals.

When I power the pedal, the power led is on, the screen backlight is on but nothing appears on the screen and nothing happens.. no matter which button I click or for how long, no writings, no sound.. :-[

I tried to put batteries in it but the effect is the same.

Now, I could deal with a very simple pedal like a switch or a fuzz.. I have limited solder abilites, but everything stops here. I'm about to move in another country so don't have time to repair it. I'm basically selling this for super cheap.

But, if there is anything I could do, like a hard reset or something that would be great. I can't do the soft reset since to do this you need to navigate a menu and buttons are not working.

For instance, for another double Boss pedal, the RC20 , I found this thread where the guy describes a reset sequence:

Is anybody aware of something similar? Couldn't find any info online..
Or, is there something else I should check or try?

Many thanks in advance!!