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Re: "New" Tycobrahe Octavia schematic
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Confusing!  So, which way do you think gave more octave effect?  North or South?

I don't think there is any need to use the Octavia with a FF.  I find the Octavia to be quite wooley all by itself.  The ones I build I have a switch to turn the octave on and off.

I only VERY briefly tried Q1 reversed to the "technically correct / historically incorrect" orientation.  It worked, sounded roughly the same, and MAYBE gave a little more octave effect that way.  But that was before I got all my HFEs where I wanted them, so I can't say anything definitive.

You're right there's no NEED for a fuzz face.  But man does it sound good!  Boost at zero, volume around 1/3, neck pickup with guitar tone at zero.  That's where I'm getting the most Hendrixy tones.  Independently, my buddy was doing the exact same thing with his Chicago Iron.  With the tone up, there's a little too much fizz and string noise.  Switch to the bridge pickup for some swirly, somewhat nauseating chord work.

I got it boxed up overnight.  Kinda fugly, but whatever.  I guess I'll post pics over in the picture thread.