Would love to build a Moonshine clone, but...

Started by tubesimmer, February 13, 2017, 05:22:04 PM

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Moonshine : https://www.jhspedals.com/products/bass-pedals/moonshine/
Sound demo:

If you look at the closeup image of the guts (see first link), you can see an LM833 and 4 diodes:
a red LED, and 2 Ge's, with one of the GE's being subed for a Si by the 'Proof' switch.

Here's their description of the Proof switch's effects:

"The 2-position 'Proof' switch gives low gain amp-like breakup with powerful colored boost settings to grinding to heavy overdrive that reaches to the very edge of cranked amp distortion.
In the down position, the highest gain settings, lots of saturation and sustain and the most mid-range goo available.
In the up position are the more open and forceful crunchy tones.
The up position also adds more overall volume and more headroom to those searching for cleaner applications."

Q1] The clipper diode circuit is a bit of a mystery. Anyone care to guess?

Q2] How could just a Ge to Si diode swap out create such a mid-range tone difference? I mean, I understand the added headroom, volume, and asymmetric characteristics, but less mid-range goo? Possible?

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Hard to tell whether goo is there or not.  I hear it is invisible.  :icon_lol:

It is often hard to read through marketing speak. I imagine you know the basic difference in sound of Si vs. Ge clipping.  Now, imagine if someone asked you to explain it, "but make it sound exotic and exciting!"
Technical difficulties.  Please stand by.


It could just be that indeed.

Any guesses as to the diode configuration?
I'm curious because the throatiness is gorgeous.

First assumption would be

---- Ge+Ge/Si ----
----  LED ------

The Moonshine is based on a TS as far as I know, but I've tried those diode combos in the past in TS circuits & have never achieved a sound like the Moonshine.

It could be as odd as
--------- Ge ---------
----  LED+ Ge/Si -----


I'm attempting to build a mnemonic memory device using stone knives and bear skins. - Spock