Author Topic: what diy effects can i easily add cv's to??  (Read 1140 times)


what diy effects can i easily add cv's to??
« on: December 24, 2016, 06:28:54 PM »
i am really aiming for more cv possibilites regardless of there musical potential?? i would love to hear about any cv mod info esp concerning diy builds. i just built 2 ada flangers, maestro fsh-1, and am currently wondering about these 2,esp the ada flanger. yes i have the manual cv,but am wondering about cv to control speed and maybe a lfo out cv??  how would i go about this. i imagine that both of these are possible but im a novice, so im asking for instructions to of course.


Re: what diy effects can i easily add cv's to??
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I've experimented with this extensively and the results are mixed. CV outs from ones that generate modulations like LFOs or the S&H from your FSH should be buffered, so you'll have to add a little buffer circuit to your projects. I've had trouble adding CV input to some projects but have done things like added CV control over delay time on my 90s EHX Deluxe Memory Man, control of the 'manual' knob on my DIY built 4ms Phaseur Fleur.

I've also added controls to a lot of my Tim Escobedo circuits (PWM for example).

The issue is now I have a lot of CV inputs and not enough CV sources, so really it makes sense to build a very small modulation-generating synth -- could be done at a very small (pedal-style) scale using the Music From Outer Space PCB's available from Synthcube. MFOS was on hold last year as Ray Wilson passed away but the projects are available again.

I think Madbean's sequenced filter project, DigDug, has a lot of CV i/o potential