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Stereo jamman & micro sd

Started by superplexi, February 15, 2017, 10:37:07 AM

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Any thoughts..been doing lot of loop/full songs on jamman.   Got a couple small SD,  I put them in adapter so fits looper. I often erase phrases/songs in favor of better liked ones.    When I slip SD into tablet to rename, or audition, & poss. Erase,  the phrases can be in different places,  diff order.   Also sometimes when popping in SD, shows 99 & under as available SD space,     other times shows 1+ as space, or prerecorded phrases.  Drives me crazy, because by product is good possibility that I layer drums bass guitars....then at end...been probs ....then dF, or whatever,...the insufficient memory icon....creative hr. or two, or all night....gone to hell. Thoughts?  Oh yeah, been here years...but couldn't log in/register for nuttin'.