Super esasy Guvnor 2 mod

Started by SISKO, May 10, 2016, 12:03:28 PM

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Hi. Yesterday i bought a Guvnor 2 (guvnor plus). I have a CrunchBox clone, but the EQ feature on the guvnor was appealing.

First impression was not so good. Altough the tone was there, it felt like the amp had a blanket on top of the speaker. Kind of dull.
Even with the treble maxed out, it didn't had the definition i wanted.

So i grabbed the schematic, and saw a mod  (cutting the 470pf). This made it very shrill. So, put a 100pf cap in there and voila! It is great now!'nor/gv2-schematic.jpg

I can dial the crunch box tone with the mids at 12oclock (its kind of scooped there). I like it with more mids, so i have my mids at 3 o'clock and its great. Think of Jonny Greenwood tone, lots of mids.

So, to sum up:
Change the 470pf to 100pf. Don't remove as it suggested on the schematic. Experiment!
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I see that the lp filter there is very dependent of the volume pot..not the best place to put one, specially with a 1 meg vol pot..a 100k pot would be better there
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Thats true! In fact, the original Guvnor had a 100k on the volume pot.

With the vol pot open (maxed), the freq cutoff is at 15khz (roughly), but when dimmed its at 720hz or less.

Of course, those numbers came with great deal of simplifications on the circuit, but are just to have and idea of where the cutoff moves.
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Quote from: SISKO on May 13, 2016, 12:35:50 PM
With the vol pot open (maxed), the freq cutoff is at 15khz (roughly), but when dimmed its at 720hz or less.

I have a GV2 and yes, the frequencies change a lot depending on the volume which sometimes sucks, because when practicing at home I have to make a balance between the pedal volume and the amp volume to get a nice sound which is difficult for me at the time because of where I live.
You are talking about a low pass filter here?
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