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DIY DigiTech XP-100 questions
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:03:04 PM »
yeah, yeah i know. the title says it all. the chances of me making this are slim but its worth a shot, right? before you ask, yes, i will buy one when i see it for the right price. and no, i am not trying to make this for cheaper etc. this is solely to prove to myself that this can be done. i really love projects like this and i think this would be insane if i could get it to work. also, i've got decent knowledge in DSP and i have gone over the schematic countless times to determine the phyiscal/hardware obsticals i need to overcome.

i've seen very old threads of people asking how they can make an xp-100 but i doubt anyone actually made one for obvious reasons. so, where do i stand with the project so far? well, i have found every single digital and analogue part on the internet (and a few inside of a Line 6 Pod)... apart from one part. there is little to no information on it which is why i will struggle. i've found a small list of things that contain it so i'l have to see if i can find it inside anything.

so the question i came to ask: what contains the firmware and where can i get it. i know that the EPROM contains the source code which i can easily get. but what else contains the custom programmed logic/firmware? there is an EEPROM on the board but i am not sure if anyone has the firmware etc. so simplified: what needs to be custom programmed (apart from the EPROM) and is it possible to get the code for it?.

the second part of the question is a little more simple i suppose: who has the firmware (other than the xp-100 code(if there is anymore))

i honestly do not expect anyone to be able to help (not implying nobody understands DSP here) but anything that could help would be really appreciated.