Author Topic: Has anyone modded a Mooer Hustle Drive for a little less bass, and...  (Read 1739 times)


... a Mooer Black Secret for a little more bass? (actually the Donner clone of a clone of a Rat version)

I really like the voicing of both of these pedals, but I need to smooth out the bass on each a bit to better work with my chain. (Yes, I know all about EQ's...trying to do it within the effects themselves.)

I'm guessing there is a simple inline input and/or output cap that could be swapped, like with most OD/distortion pedals, but I don't have any schematics or know where to start looking. Any help greatly appreciated!


You should be able to find plenty of RAT schematics (and OCD for the other one).  In either case, they're not digital or DSP.   ;)


Yes, but neither of these are exact clones of those circuits. And, I'm sure they would have different component ID's even if they were.

I'm surprised there aren't schematics and lots of mods for all these little clones out there by now, but I can't find any.


Re: Has anyone modded a Mooer Hustle Drive for a little less bass, and...
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Well if you want to mod either of these pedals and as there is nothing I can find about these circuits on forums for you then why don't you take yours to bits and draw out the schematic ? it may help others with similar interests.
If you don't have the pedal, they cost less than a meal for two so you could always buy one and tinker to your hearts delight.